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Apple iMac 27-inch..

There are two iMac sizes available in the newly refreshed late-2012 line with the 27-inch positioning itself as the powerful big daddy of the two. While the 21.5-inch model we've recently played with suggested itself as a kitchen computer, to be shared among the family in a communal space, the 27-inch iMac is all about getting your work done.
This is an office machine through and through, and geared towards delivering an experience that is better than a laptop, albeit not as powerful as Apple's Mac Pro range.
So can it deliver, or has the introduction of a new shape and a few other changes along the way damaged the overall experience?


It's thin, really thin, and that's the first thing you'll notice if you glance at the new iMac from the side or the rear. Apple has ditched the optical disk drive and with it the need for a big and bulky chassis to house everything.
The design, which is tapered at the back, starts off with a 5mm thick edge, before getting gradually more bulbous as it heads towards the centre of the casing, and the stand on which it floats. Not that bulbous is anything to worry about here, because it's still stunning. The actual footfall of the new iMac on your desk is minimal too, even if you include the bundled wireless keyboard and mouse.

That side profile is, for the most part, fairly pointless though as you will invariably look at it front-on during day to day use. But wow, it does look pretty.


If you are only mildly wooed by the new design of the iMac, you'll be definitely excited by the new screen. It dominates the front of the iMac, so big in fact that at times we've found ourselves moving our head to take it all in.
Sadly the iMac still isn't Retina display ready, even though Apple champions that with the MacBook Pro range, but that doesn't mean it's a sub-standard screen. Apple has worked on improving the quality of the display, and reducing the glare as much as possible, it claims. 

According to the Cupertino-based company, it has managed to reduce reflection on the screen by 75 per cent, while maintaining the brightness and contrast of previous models. So no more should casual observers make comments like, "Nice of them to include a free mirror."
Apple is able to do this by using a couple of different techniques, including one called full lamination. It is a process that basically eliminates a 2mm gap between the LCD and the glass, which in turn reduces reflection and ghosting. The technique is used by mostly by TV manufacturers and, as you can imagine, it works a treat here. It's worth pointing out, though, that this will increase the complexity of any repair substantially. 
Apple also says that instead of just slapping an anti-reflective coating to the glass in a conventional way, it has adapted a process used on smaller surfaces such as camera lenses. Called plasma deposition, it involves coating the glass with layers of silicon dioxide and niobium pentoxide.
Whatever Apple has done, it has worked, and while those counting pixels per inch will be disappointed (109ppi if you're interested) the screen is still something to very much enjoy.


All the iMacs ports are tucked around the back of the display out of the way of your eye line. That's great from a visual point of view, but also means it is difficult to find the right one without sticking your head around the back of the computer - not very attractive.
We can see why Apple has placed them where they are, all neat and tidy like ducks in a row, however when it comes to finding the SD card slot, it's frustrating and means a fumble each time you want to download pictures from your camera.

But when it comes to practicalities, you get all the ports you'll need or want. There are two Thunderbolt ports, an SD card slot for SD, SDHC, and SDXC cards, a headphone port, three USB ports, and Gigabit Ethernet. No HDMI sadly, but with the two Thunderbolt ports you should be able to easily get around this with an adapter cable. The iMac also has Wireless 802.11n connectivity as well as Bluetooth - of course.

FaceTime HD

Back around to the front, and hiding just above that lovely screen are a FaceTime HD camera and a couple of dual mics - one facing upwards, one facing backwards to get noise bounced off the wall you will no doubt put the iMac in front of. 
We tested the iMac with both Apple's own FaceTime service and Skype and were pleased with the results for both. The HD camera is 720p, which isn't as good as you could get from a dedicated webcam from Logitech or Microsoft, but will suffice for most people. That it's built-in certainly helps, and ensures your desk remains clutter-free.
Apple has also gone as far as hiding two stereo speakers in the design of the iMac that provide excellent sound. Again you could achieve better results with a dedicated system, but most will be more than happy with the performance. We certainly have been listening to music from iTunes and Spotify as well as playing games.
An ambient light sensor adjusts the brightness of the display to your room environment, but doesn't seem to have any affect on the performance of the camera.

Fusion Drive

No it is not something to do with Back to the Future II and the DeLorean, but a new technology introduced by Apple for the new 2012 iMac range that couples a standard hard drive with a flash drive to improve performance when it comes to loading apps or files.
It combines 128GB of flash storage with a traditional 1TB or 3TB hard drive. The clever bit from Apple is that the software, which you don't have any control over, works out how often you use the files and apps on your computer and stores them either on the smaller, faster drive, or the bigger slower one. The 128GB is more than enough to hold most of your most frequently used applications so they load really fast and the slower drive for keeping those files you hardly ever touch. Of course you never see any of this happening, and if it weren't for Apple telling you in the marketing blurb you would be none the wiser. 


The 27-inch iMac comes in two configurations, with further customisations beyond that if you are happy to order online.
All models come with the third-generation quad-core Intel Core i5 processors with clock speeds up to 3.2GHz and Turbo Boost speeds up to 3.6GHz. The new iMac can also be configured with a quad-core Intel Core i7 at up to 3.4GHz and Turbo Boost up to 3.9GHz.
On the graphics side, the 27-inch model comes with either the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660M with 512MB of GDDR5 memory or the NVIDIA GTX 675MX with 1GB of GDDR5 memory - both a considerably boost over the standard configurations of the 21.5-inch models. You can also upgrade the graphics card to the GTX 680MX with 1GB of memory, if you're feeling flush.
You also get 8GB of DDR3 memory as standard, with the ability to manually upgrade to 32GB if you really want to go for full power. Unlike the smaller Mac, a cover at the back hides the expandable RAM, making the upgrade incredibly simple. 
Our review unit was fitted with a 3.2Ghz Intel Core i5 processor, 8GB of memory, and an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 675MX card. We were more than happy with the performance for all the tasks we instructed it to perform. Those included general things, like surfing the internet, writing copy using Pages, and general tasks. It also managed well with more heavy-duty lifting: playing games, watching and editing 1080p video and editing photos with Photoshop.
Unless you spend all your time editing and rendering video day in day out you'll be very happy with the performance of the 27-inch iMac. And if you do that, getting the upgraded machine will mean it's more than able to cope. 
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Sunday, 24 February 2013

GaLaXy NoTe 8..soon to be launched..!!!

Mobile World Congress 2013 kicks-off on Monday, but that hasn't stopped Samsung from getting things rolling. The South Korea-based company has officially announced its Galaxy Note 8.0 tablet, after months of rumours. 

Samsung has packed the 8-inch tablet with a 1280 x 800 TFT display (189ppi) matching the Note 10.1's resolution, 1.6GHz A9 quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, 5-megapixel rear camera, 1.3-megapixel front camera, HPSA+21, 32GB of internal storage, and a 4,600mAh battery. It sits at 210.8 x 135.9mm, and as you can tell from the press shots, there seems to be a lot of bezel. 
Like most of its Galaxy line-up, Samsung has included its S Pen stylus. Samsung says removing the S Pen from the holster on the side of the tablet will launch adapted menus to make browsing easier. Furthermore, a new feature called Air View allows users to hover over the screen to preview videos, emails, and photos without opening the file or application in full. 
The S Pen for the Note 8.0 can control the physical menu/back buttons on the device with Wacom technology. Basically, you can use the S Pen to touch the capacitive buttons, which once only responded to a finger's touch.

Samsung has yet to share pricing and availability for the Note 8.0, but from the sounds of its announcement, there will be both a Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi + 3G model. The latter will feature Samsung's phone app thanks to the HSPA+21 (no LTE) on-board. Yes folks, you'll be able to make a call on your 8-inch tablet.
Taking HTC's approach, there is also an IR blaster on-board the 8-inch tablet, allowing users to launch Samsung's Smart Remote app and control their TV. A TV Discovery application is also provided for show listings.
Lastly, Samsung has announced a new “reading mode” technology specifically for the Note 8.0 that optimises eBooks at a resolution so users eyes aren't strained. News/social media app Flipboard will also come preloaded.
The Galaxy Note 8.0 was almost inevitable as Samsung looks to take on the iPad mini, Kindle Fire, and other Android tablets on the market. It's a bit of a cross between the company's Galaxy S III, Note II, and Note 10.1. 
Samsung says the Note 8.0 will ship internationally in Q2 with Android 4.2.1, and of course, TouchWiz.
Pocket-lint will be live at Mobile World Congress 2013 in Barcelona to bring you the latest from the trade-show floor. We expect to go hands-on with the new Note 8.0 very soon.

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Thursday, 21 February 2013

Windows 8 TV..

The First Ever TV With Windows 8

vu Super-TV

Hah! A Tv With Windows 8. Am I dreaming? Of course not. Yeah you too heard it right. The Microsoft’s Windows 8 the successor of Windows 7 has been released recently for the personal computers and laptops but now it’s For TV also.

features vu super tv

Right Now the VU Technologies call it a Super TV. Vu Super TV with windows 8 optimizes technology in television. As the world revolves around the internet ready and smart TV concepts, Super TV allows you to do much more than that.

Stream | Store | Upgrade TV with Windows 8

-This is a tag line they are using to express this product. With Streaming one can connect to the internet or any other device and stream movies, music, photos.
-This Product feature a 500GB of storage space of data. With this much store you are free to store games, movies, songs, photos and enjoy it with or without internet.
-Now upgrade the hardware and software to be fully updated with technology because it is boosted with Intel Platform, the only TV with Windows 8.

Built-In PC Configuration

-Intel Core i3 2nd generation Processor
-Intel HD Integrated Graphics
-HM65 Chipset Motherboard
-500GB Sata Storage Drive, can be Upgraded
-DDR3 2GB RAM, upgradable to 4GB
-Integrated 10/100/1000 Mbps LAN
-Windows 8 Operating System
-Wireless Keyboar with Touchpad Mouse
-It includes four HDMI ports for connectivity with external peripherals
Available Sizes-
32-inch LED TV
40-inch LCD TV 
42-inch LED TV
50-inch LCD TV
55-inch LED TV
65-inch 3D LED TV.


Comparision super tv

The best part of it is that it has no competitor and hence you got a single option to buy without any comparison. Earlier it was Panasonic which brought smart TV’s and now it’s VU’s turn.

PRICE-- INR 150000 - INR 300000

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Wednesday, 20 February 2013

The NEW BLACKBERRY 10s - Z10 n Q10..

BlackBerry is launching its two new smartphones worldwide name BlackBerry Z10 and BlackBerty Q10. These two phones are using BlackBerry new Operating System called BlackBerry OS 10.

If we talk about BlackBerry Z10. The new BlackBerry smartphone with OS10 is a full touch screen phone with ultimate features.

BlackBerry Q10..
BlackBerry has been released in USA and is going to release in INDIA on 25th Feb 2013. As expected its cost will not be affordable. This smart phone will cost you more than 35000 as expected.

BlackBerry Z10 Full Specifications

blackberry specification
blackberry specs

The New BlackBerry Z10 Features are :

BlackBerry Remember:  BlackBerry Remember enables you to group up your project , Idea’s and useful information to your Favorite handy location on your phone.

BlackBerry Balance: BlackBerry Balance provides you security and separate your personnel data and information 
and let you keep them safe .

BlackBerry Intelligent Calendar: Blackberry intelligent calender let you spend less time on scheduling tasks and meeting it has automatic updation feature which helps you to spend less time on its management .

Super fast Browsing: With new Blackberry z10 internet browsing is more fun with super fast speed , you can download and share on social networks in just a click.

BlackBerry Trusted Security: Blackberry provides full on security to their users as BlackBerry is known for its security measure all around the globe so feel safe with BlackBerry trusted Security .

BlackBerry NFC(Near Field Communication): BlackBerry Z10 suppports NFC for easy sharing between its phone and accessories NFC means transferring data wire lessly to  nearby device.

BlackBerry Voice Control:BlackBerry Voice Control helps you to type a message through voice control and it also help to update status on social networking site Facebook.

BlackBerry Editing And Sharing Photos : You can click edit and can style your photo with the help of BlackBerry Z10 and can share that photo in a Blink .

BlackBerry Sharp And Responsive Display High digital clarity on display can see video Sharply in detail.

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Tuesday, 19 February 2013

HP Pavilion Ultrabook.. best in 2013..!!!

Best Laptop In India Of The Year 2013

There are many laptops that were launched in India at the start of 2013 and all around the globe . There are many distributors of laptop in India Such as:

Sony Vaio

Here  above are some well know distributors of laptops in India . The best laptop in India which will give you 8 hour battery backup with great specification in very affordable price is the product of Hewlett-Packard. Below is the product which was launched by Hp in 2012 but became the best in 2013 , How and why it is best you will come to know after going through this post below :

Hp Pavilion 14 Ultrabook b003tx Specifications

Processor: 3rd Gen Intel® Core i3-3217U Processor (3M Cache, 1.80 GHz)
Chipset: Intel HM77 Express
Clock Speed: 1.8
Cache Memory :3 MB
Memory(RAM): 4GB DDR3  1600 MHz Memory extendable Up to 8 GB
Memory Slots: 2 (Unused Slot – 0)
Hard Disk: 500 GB SATA (5400 rpm) + 32GB SSD
Operating System: Windows 8 installed 64 bit.
Screen: 14 Inch LED Backlit Widescreen with 1366 x 768 Pixel screen Resolution.
Screen Type: HD Brightview Widescreen LED Backlit Display.
Graphics Processor: 1GB Graphics NVIDIA GeForce 630M (Optimus)
Web Camera: 1.3MegaPixel  HD web camera
Pointer Device: Touchpad with Multi-touch Gesture Support (Pinch and Scroll)
Keyboard: Dura-coat Island style Keyboard
Audio: Beats Audio High Definition Speakers / Dual Speakers with Internal Sub-woofer/Altec Lansing Stereo Speakers
Integrated 10/100/1000
Wireless LAN – IEEE 802.11 b/g/n
Bluetooth – v4.0 + HS
USB: 2 x USB 3.0, 1 x USB 2.0,
Mic In
VGA Port
Multi Card Slot 4-in-1 Media Reader
Battery: 4 Cell / Up to 8 hours Battery Backup
Weight: 1.8 Kg
Color : Shinning Black
1 Year product Warranty.
1 year accidental warranty.
Accessories: Adapter, Battery, HP Sports Backpack.

The main Advantages of this laptop because of which it is called best laptop in India

Best for travelinf purpose weight of 1.8 kg easy to carry
14-inch Screen bright HD screen consume less space
Affordable price : Available at 41,000 INR only.
1 year Accidental warranty.
Battery Backup of upto 8 hours.
High speed , High performance etc
Hp Pavilion Ultrabook above have one Disadvantage :
It do not have any optical drive : Means no support for Compact disk or DVD.

Above is the precised description why this ultra book is the best Laptop in India of 2013 . Main factor is price at such a low price Hp is providing ultrabook with great specification , No doubt the result is best

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